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Dated: 01/31/2020

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Here we are at the end of January 2020 and for many people I have noticed, this month has seemed to crawl by! 

I, for one, cannot believe that already we have hit the end of the first month of the new decade, when to me it seems like just yesterday that the ball was dropping on the eve of another New Year-New Me tradition!  

At the beginning of every year, most of us start out with goals, right? New traditions or habits that the turning of a page get us all excited about and ready for. Sometimes they are related to health, fitness & wellness, sometimes to financial growth or gain, sometimes to spiritual or mental healing or growth and sometimes, they are set around a goal involving investment or wealth and when that is the case - many times those things lead directly to real estate

Whether or not this is the year you are looking to move your brood to a new nest or not, I have encountered some things this year already that I would like to share with you - in hopes that when you DO decide to take flight in your own investments, you’ll remember this note and the sincerity it came with. I want to be the one you call when you decide it’s time and you need assistance, whether you are moving to a new home, making a first or next investment, or deciding you are ready to jump into something totally unrelated - if you’re receiving this email - I want to be there for all of it. 

Why? Because receiving this email means you are part of my “sphere” or the people I consider to have happily met, worked with, gotten to know or enjoyed the company of - some time over the past 18-months, and many of you much longer than that. It means that you knew me before Bluebird or you came to know me through it. It means you have watched me grow, struggle, triumph, lose, get up again, keep going, and more. You may have gotten here by subscribing to the podcast or even better, you have allowed me to assist you in moving your family or your money around. For all these things and more - THANK YOU. This is why, of course, I want to be the one you think of when you do it again or when you mother, sister, aunt, cousin, friend or coworker does it again or for their first time, too. I know a lot of people get in to the real estate business for a lot of reasons, but let me share with you WHY I want to be this person for you and yours and where that drive comes from in me. 

When I look at Little Rock, I see the city that gave me so much more than I have been able to give it, in return. I grew up in a big family with a bunch of struggle on the opposite end of the country. Many of you have heard me share that my family and I moved over 18 times in the first 16 years of my life. I never knew how long we would be somewhere, what was coming down the pike next and I certainly didn’t have a clue what roots felt like. When I turned 18 and was suddenly an “adult” - I promised myself that I would find a way to build security and comfort into my life and that I would be one of those people who was loyal to where they lived and found home in the people they shared that community with. It took me only moments working for my first mentor (after that promise to myself flew out the window and I moved off to Las Vegas at 18 years old) to find my first real love - REAL ESTATE. From every angle I loved it. I wanted to be an appraiser, but I also loved the Realtors around me and the work they did and I even found the property management aspect of the industry to be both challenging and exciting. It seemed that real estate was something that I could never get bored of and that like me, would always be changing and growing ... how I grew up, lent itself well to that idea. I haven’t looked back since. 

I am 34 years old now, with 35 looming in the distance and that means for 17 years, I have dabbled in every area and aspect of my first love, the real estate industry. I have been a property manager, an appraiser, a Realtor, a broker and a brokerage owner. I have lost deals, gained clients, I have even gained and lost friends and partners and I have moved across counties and the country and I have learned and re-learned each skill with sheer excitement and at times- total frustration. I have seen A LOT. I worked through the greatest financial crisis of our generation, I have seen folks lose it all and I have seen other folks get too big too fast and come really close to the edge, but still hold on to the wealth they built. I have watched generational poverty turn into generational wealth and I have been able to serve and learn and grow along with those people through some of the best and worst times of their financial and personal lives. It has been a winding, 17-year long road with ups and downs and potholes and roadside stands with the best surprises I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams. It has been wildly fulfilling and totally heartbreaking. So why does any of this matter to you?

It’s because of where we live. We live in a mid-south state where our home prices are affordable and the people are amazing. We have the potential now and looking forward this year and the years ahead, to experience unprecedented growth as a community with respect to the real estate market in the area of housing, real estate as an investment, and economic development the same. We have the attention of many out of state investors who can’t believe their eyes at the humble prices of our beautiful land and whom are bewildered at the areas scattered about the city that exhibit a massive swing from the highest level of poverty to the lowest level of financial insecurity. We are prime for growth and those of us responsible for the brokering of what deals will come from this - both moves from modest homes, to massive investments, and continuous developments of other kinds - we are the ones who foster the growth and remain responsible to the parties who we represent on both sides of these deals.  It is up to the people YOU trust that represent our industry who will ultimately be responsible for what comes of our real estate market. 

That being said - like any other industry - there is good and there is bad. There is ethical and hard working, there is the opposite. There are fewer of the latter and I like to think that all agents get in to the industry with good intentions and my hope is that they all stay that way, but - I do work immersed in it every day and I do see the good, the bad an the ugly. We are, for the most part, hard working, creative, innovative and service oriented people that do our best to provide experience and knowledge to our clients that is based in what we have learned and experienced in our field first hand. We care about your biggest moments and we try our best to mitigate the risk and celebrate the rewards with you. Despite common beliefs, we make money based on time spent, relationships built and trust earned and kept - we don’t make thousands by the day for simply pushing paper or opening doors. 

All of these things and many more, are why I want to be the one who comes to mind for you this year. I have shared my story with you, and I have spent a great deal of my free time finding other stories in our city to highlight and bring to you as well - to share the joys and triumphs, loss and rebirth of so many amazing people who live here among us as well. I am invested in this place - Central Arkansas is home for me. After growing up from place to place, I have found that home I have always been looking for - that community I get to be part of and help flourish and grow. 

I am honest in pricing, ethical in practice, and relationships are the cornerstone of the business we have built here at Bluebird. My family and I are successful only if the same is true for those we serve.  So in closing, (of the longest month of the year and the longest blog you’ve read so far in 2020) - I ask you to think of me when you hear the words “real estate.” 

When someone says they are moving, growing, investing, starting a business or building a brand - think of me. Remember the story, look back on the growth, give me a shot and I’ll use all my years of education and experience coupled with all my energy and effort, to provide you with the knowledge and growth you are seeking as you move, invest, and grow this year. 

My family and I thank you for your trust, your business and your willingness when you’re reminded - to remember the Bluebird. 



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